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Manage Agile projects in Redmine [Webinar]

Managing projects with Agile methodologies such as SCRUM or Kanban is getting more and more popularity. Main advantages that teams see are more flexibility, effectiveness and smarter work. Discover how to run Agile projects in Redmine with the use of Agile plugin.We'd have two sessions to make it easier for you to find the time. If your team wants a personal webinar, drop us a line at sales@redmineup.com. We'd be sharing a recording for this webinar later, but if you want to be the first to see it, register today as well.

Points that were cover:Using Agile board:

  • Configuring columns, swim-lanes, colors,
  • Assigning tasks to release versions/sprint/backlogs, team members
  • Reordering for priority, execution queue
  • Updating tasksApplying SCRUM:
  • Different views for Planning meetings, Standups, Retrospectives, 
  • Using Epics, User Stories, Swim-lanes
  • Using charts: Burn-down, Burn-up, Velocity and Cumulative flow chartsApplying Kanban:
  • Controlling task flow
  • Optimising workflow
  • Using Lead time and Cumulative flow chartsWork smarter:
  • Managing team: availability, rates, tracking performance, planning resources(Beta preview)
  • Smart collaboration
  • Internal and external reporting