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How to configure autoreply for Helpdesk?

Auto answer email is the e-mail that will be automatically sent to customer when his first message is received and added to Redmine. This is a default (for all projects) template, however can be replaced with Answer template from specific project.

In order to prepare or edit a helpdesk auto-answer email template, go to Administration -> Helpdesk and choose Helpdesk template tab. You can modify its content by using macroses. A list of all macros available can be found in Administration -> Helpdesk, Helpdesk templates.


You can also add some styling to your emails by modifying Email stylesheet (CSS) - you will find this option in the same tab, just below the auto response template. It works with HTML messages only.

email style.png

In order to enable auto response, go to Project -> Settings, Helpdesk templates tab.

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