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How to add custom field?

Custom fields add additional information to several types of data used in Redmine. Custom fields may be used for Issues, Contacts, Deals, Invoices, Products and so on.

custom fields.png

In order to create a new custom field, go to Administration -> Custom fields and click on New custom field in the right upper corner. You will have to choose type of object for it first:

new custom field.png

Next, fill in some details.

new custom field details.png

You might have come across a custom field of Company type. It contains company name so you can later filter data by it. When creating such custom field, in Format dropdown choose Company.

You can also edit existing custom fields - just click on the name of the field.

custom field edit.png

If you want to filter data based on your new custom field, just check this option in. You can also decide whether this custom field will be required field, available for all projects or just some of them, available for certain trackers and whether it will be a private custom field or visible for other users.

Custom fields are usually used for filtering data - they are available in filters dropdown list. To see custom field in the list of filters you need to edit this field and check Used as a filter in.