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Productivity metrics for Helpdesk

Do you want to know how quick your support team is? Are your customers satisfied? We are sure you need this information very much and so we created a new, very useful feature.

We have added three great metrics, that allow you to keep up with your business process and make it better.

These metrics are:

  • time to first response
  • time to reaction
  • time to resolve

  • Time to first response shows how much time was spent between ticket creation and first response (with sending e-mail to customer) from your team.
  • Time to reaction shows how much time was spent between ticket creation and first action in this ticket. Action can be: commenting, assigning the ticket to someone, attaching a file etc.
  • Time to resolve shows how much time was spent before ticket was resolved and closed.

So now you are able to check how effective your business process is and answer the following questions: How quickly your support team answers to your customers? How many tickets required additional actions before they were answered? How many tickets are unresolved and why? How many tickets required a lot of time before resolving and closing?

This feature is only the first step to an effective SLA in your company. We think that it will be very helpful for you.