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How to start paid plan? How to place an order?

Upgrading from the trial to regular subscription is an easy and quick process. 

It starts with selecting the desired plan and then placing the order.

Select plan for your team

Take into consideration the number of users, active projects, and storage for the files. You can switch the plans anytime, and simply pay the difference if you feel that you need a higher option. You can see the available plans below. If you need something in-between, drop us a message at 

If you don't know which one to select for start go with the most popular one–a monthly Medium plan.


So how to place an order to upgrade? All you have to do are three steps: add a selected plan to checkout, review order, and place the order.

 All our orders are processed by e-commerce and online payment industry leader—2Checkout Inc, which guarantees the security of your data and order. 2Checkout is PCI Level 1 certified - the highest level certification possible.

Initiating the checkout

The first step is selecting the Subscription plan that you want to buy and clicking Order Now. You will be redirected to the shopping cart. You can switch the interface language to yours and pay in your local currency, thanks to the fact that payment gate supports over 100 currencies. 


If you need to make any changes to the plan, click on the (Edit) link, next to the round product icon. 

In the next step, please enter all of the required billing information. You can choose whether you are buying subscription as a private person or a company. 

If you are buying as a company representative, use your corporate data and your work. We advise using the same email that was used to create your trial account. Don't use dummy emails, as we assign account with that email address.

Please notice, that if your company is founded in European Union, you will be asked to enter VAT Tax ID. It is required to receive a VAT tax redemption.

Now you can proceed to payment information. As RedmineUP Cloud is a SaaS product, we don't want to cause any delays in your account due to missed payments. That's why we activated the auto-renewal by default. In this way, you'll be automatically billed on the next billing period. However, you can de-activate the option and personally keep track of payments.

All orders are processed in a secure environment, through SSL encrypted protocol secured by Norton Security.

Review your order

Let's move on to the review. Please click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page. You will now see a summary of your order so that you can cross-check all given information.

If everything is correct, click "Place Order".

Finishing order

After the payment, you see a confirmation message that your order and payment are successfully processed. 

If you have a trial account—it will automatically upgrade to a selected plan. 

If you didn't start with a trial—go on to create it via the registration form