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Do you provide any kind of training?

Yes. Each client receives the assistance of a Customer Success Manager.

Getting started is always more comfortable and faster if you have the help of a person, which can introduce the most desired features to you and your team. 

That's why we assign a personal Account's Success Manager responsible for your onboarding and success. Your quick-start is our priority, so the Manager is waiting for your call from day 0. 

We provide remote help via video or voice calls, chat, and e-mail. We can arrange in-house training delivered by one of our partners. If you're interested in on-site training here's the list of local RedmineUP partners.

Coming back to support from your Manager, we're ready to help you with any features of RedmineUP Cloud. Below we prepared a few examples of the topics for starters

  • Getting started with Agile;
  • Setting up a Helpdesk;
  • Using Scrum and Kanban boards.

During the trial period, you can see your Manager at LiveChat bubble window in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

After the payment, your Manager sends you a welcome message to get in touch with you.