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Do you have Cloud Service Level Agreement?

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are essential in the IT business. IT managers should know what to expect from their service providers. You should fully understand any SLA before signing it – especially when it comes to uptime. 


We believe so strongly in RedmineUP cloud infrastructure stability and performance that we are ready to provide you with a legally binding guarantee for it, in the form of an optional SLA.  

We guarantee a 99.8 % availability (uptime percentage) of the RedmineUP cloud service. Our security bug fix Service Level Agreement (Part of SLA) defines the following time window for fixing security issues in our products:

  1. Critical severity bugs to be fixed in product within one week of being reported;
  2. Medium severity bugs to be fixed in product within 3 weeks of being reported.

SLA Customer Support Metrics

Customer support is available during the working days by email channel. We respond to all request within 24 hours. In case of urgent request we are able to arrange a video call with your dedicated account manager.