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Create new person

People plugin is the only global plugin, meaning you can access it from the top menu of Redmine only, and its settings do not differ for each project. In order to add a new person, go to People and click on New user. Fill in the fields. Most of them is quite obvious and clear, but some might need a little bit of explanation:

add new person.png

add new person2.png
  • Manager - you can choose new person's supervisor from other exisiting users. Manager by default has permissions to manage their subordinates, e.g. edit, add delete supervised people

people permissions.png
  • Status - can be active in Redmine or locked (not visible)
  • Department - each person can belong to a department, you can also create a new one in Administration -> People, Departments tab.
  • Tags - these are very useful when you want to filter people by skills for example, you're want to find only developers

After all necessary fields are filled, click on Save. You will be redirected to the newly created person's page. Here you can view details of each person:

  • Activity - logged history of person's activity in Redmine

profile activity.png
  • Files - you can add files like CV, certificates
  • Projects - all projects this person has participated in

profile projects.png
  • Work experience - any previous companies or other kind of work experience

profile work experience.png

Also, in the right sidebar you will see some kind of summary of person's profile - contact details, social media, bio.

profile sidebar.png