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Can you provide an access to the backups of the SQL Redmine Database? Rest API?

We have a few options for you: 

You can add a special feature: Access to dowload backup. How it works: Once a week (in the midnight time) our system create and save a backup file of your Redmine data base. You can download it any time you want with the specific link. Please go to Administration - Redmine Saas Client plugin - Configuration - Backups. This service will cost you $19 per month and needs to be activated first. Please keep in mind that if you need one time service - we will send you your data for free. 


You can get your data via API. Please go to My account page. On the right side panel you will find - API access key. Once you generate it - you will be able to add any integration you want.  


Write us to support@redmineup.com and describe what exactly fo you want to achive with the integration. Our team will be happy to assist you. 

RedmineUP as well as Redmine itself exposes some of its data through a REST API. This API provides access and basic CRUD operations (create, update, delete) for the resources described below. The API supports both XML and JSON formats.