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Can you assist us in a data migration?

We understand that your data is the critical element to get started with a new projects management tool. Data migration from an existing platform can save your team a lot of time and stress. 

We are ready to assist you in moving from the following systems:

  • A self–hosted Redmine;
  • Bitnami;
  • Jira;
  • Planio;
  • Easy Redmine;
  • Open Projects;
  • Asana;

You get a personal manager–a Redmine expert who is responsible for every step of the migration 

Before the final switchover, you will discuss available migration options. You can count on your manager to move the data between the systems and keep you informed.

To ensure minimal downtime, we try to schedule it for a time when your team doesn't use the current tool. Usually, the migration takes a few hours and can be finished the same business day. 

We can sign NDA before discussing any details. If you have any questions, book a meeting with the Product Manager or drop us a message.