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Can I add a third-party plugin?

Yes, we can add external plugins to your account

We know that it's hard to say goodbye to a plugin, especially if your team is already working on it. 

By default on your RedmineUP Cloud account, we provide only our plugins in full PRO versions. 

Compatibility first

Adding third-party plugins is possible but need to be carefully consulted and revised with our tech team. We cannot allow installing out-dated plugins that can cause a vulnerability in the system security or lower its performance.

We'll ask you the following questions:

  • Which plugins do you want to have?
  • Do they have active support?
  • Are they compatible with the last stable version of Redmine?
  • Are they compatible with our plugins? 
  • How should we handle the situation if the discussed plugin(s) lose support in a few days?
  • What we should do, if it causes any security issues?

The security and reliability of our Redmine hosting is our utmost priority, especially on the shared server space (Plans from Small to Business). 

Custom configurations

We do have a safe and flexible optionโ€”an Enterprise Plan. It provides you with a single-server account that can be extended with any plugin of your needs, as long as it's compatible with our plugins and latest Redmine.

However, also for regular accounts we have already added a few third-party plugins for our clients. Drop us a message to check if your desired modules are already on our list.