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Setting up your first board

Activate Agile project module

  1. After logging in, choose a project, for which you want to activate Agile plugin.
  2. Go to Settings, then Modules, scroll down a little bit to find Agile and choose this option. Save changes.
check agile in settings.png
  1. After this, the Agile tab will appear in your project menu.
agile board showed.png
  1. Now, your Agile plugin is activated. In order to view or customize it, click on the Agile tab.

Creating new board

You might want to save your customized board. When you are in Agile board view, click on Apply to apply your changes and then just click on Save. If you don't want to save changes, please click on Clear, your board will return to the default view.

save agile board.png

After that, you will have to choose a name for your new board and set visibility. It can be private – visible only to you, visible to some people (like Administrators) or to everyone. You can also set this board to be your new default board or decide whether this board can be used in all projects.

new agile board details.png

When you click Save, your new board will appear in the right sidebar.

agile boards on sidebar.png

My agile boards contain your private boards. The other boards can be found under Agile boards.

There is no limit for creating boards, also you can easily switch between them.